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Our Offerings

Female Developers

Pre-Incubation Stage

The duration of this stage would be 4 weeks wherein a startup will undergo a boot camp in groups on various domains.  The boot camp will include rigorous training including all aspects of a business from running the business successfully to fundraising.

Incubation Stage

Key Highlights during the stage:  

  • Startups can use our incubation facility or can get virtually incubated  

  • The duration of this stage will be 6 months  

  • Biweekly reports in line with the milestones will be submitted by the startup and verified by Softtech  

  • Mock Investor pitch will be held at the end of 3 months  

  • Discussions on collaborations with Softtech, understanding how their product/technology/ services could benefit us in detail  

  • Handholding the startups in helping them raise funds   

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Female Developers

Scale-Up Stage

Key Highlights during the stage:  

  • Startups that successfully complete the incubation stage can be handheld to utilize their product in Softtech business units, and integrating their products/technology with Softtech.     

  • Further Acquisitions and technology transfer will be done   

  • Business expansion support such as access to our client, partner’s contacts  

  • Monitoring will be done at Quarterly basis, milestones will be set  

  • Support to raise external funding, connect with potential investors  

  • Piloting opportunities  

Offerings: Services


Pre-Incubation Stage

  • Basic office space needs such as: 

  1. Co-working space/Private Cabin 

  2. Meeting rooms 

  3. Registration of company  

  4. Printing and courier handling services 

  5. Internet  

  • Access to Community of startups, Mentors, Technical Experts 

  • Access to funding programs 

  • Support in IPR 

Incubation Stage

  • One on One mentorship program for business growth 

  • Seminars and workshops 

  • Connect with Angel investors and VC’s 

  • Connect with Customer Base 

Scale-Up Stage

  • Technology absorption 

  • PR, Marketing and Sales support 

  • Access to Corporate’s business units  

  • Access to Clients base 

  • Piloting and Commercialization Opportunity 

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