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About SoftTech Engineers

Fostering Digital Revolution!

Softtech engineers has been the market leader since the past 20 years in the innovating reliable and world-class software products for the niche vertical of Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC).

Image by Marvin Meyer

About Icube

To nurture a better environment for startups Softtech engineers has come up with a hybrid corporate venture program which integrates the benefits of an Incubator, an Accelerator, and Corporate Venture. 

But, what is unique about Icube?

This Hybrid Corporate Venture has been named iCube which offers the following unique propositions. 

  • First of its kind for AEC sector in India  

  • Tailored Support from Softtech’s experts, Business mentors, and investors.  

  • Special Access to Softtech Decision makers  

  • Testing the product with real Customers   

  • Receive industry feedback from Softtech experience   

  • Prospect new market   

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