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To Empower the Technology in AEC Sector and Deliver them Effectively Through Industry Experts

The Program

ALPHA (Cohort 1)

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BETA (Cohort 2)

Our framework is a structured milestone and cohort-driven growth and development opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Ideation and MVP stages. The program will put startups through a rigorous Bootcamp covering all facets of business , providing them with one-on-one mentorship from the speakers and a continuous milestone-based development phase during which they can grow their product and company.

Phases of the Program


Pre-Incubation Stage

The duration of this stage would be 6 weeks, wherein a startup will undergo a Bootcamp in groups on various domains. The Bootcamp will include rigorous training including all aspects of a business from running the business successfully to fundraising.

Incubation Stage

Key Highlights during the stage:  

  • Startups can use our incubation facility or can get virtually incubated

  • The duration of this stage will be 12 months  

  • Reports in line with the milestones will be submitted by the startup and verified by the partner corporates

  • Mock Investor pitch will be held at the end of 4 months  

  • Discussions on collaborations with Softtech, understanding how their product/technology/ services could benefit us in detail  

  • Handholding the startups in helping them raise funds   

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Scale Up Stage

Key Highlights during the stage:  

  • Startups that successfully complete the incubation stage can be handheld to utilize their product in Softtech business units and integrate their products/technology with Softtech Engineers Limited

  • Assist ready-to-launch products into Public debuts

  • Further Acquisitions and technology transfer will be done   

  • Business expansion support such as access to our client, partner’s contacts  

  • Provide earliest adopters and Piloting opportunities  

  • Monitoring will be done on a Quarterly basis, milestones will be set  

  • Support to raise external funding, connect with potential investors  

Sectors in Focus

AmpliNxt is a technology-driven program, that recognizes the need for the integration of innovative technological services in all industries. Technology has the ability to transform conventional practices for the better and AmpliNxt aims to foster the development and growth of such technologies.

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Smart City

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Supply Chain

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Technology in Focus

In addition to the above sectors, all Ventures that are working with one or more technology from the list below, who can add value to the AEC sector are also welcome to be a part of us.

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Artificial Intelligence

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BIM and Digital Twin

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Extended Reality

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Block Chain

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Data Analytics

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Cyber Security



Softtech Engineers Limited


Ruby Consulting

Eco-System Partners




Eques Capital


Digital Ocean


Udyat Ventures

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